Hi Societies!

Want to find where your piece fits in your family history’s puzzle? Want to socialize with others about your lineage, ancestors, or ethnic pride? Then by all means join a lineage society, genealogy society, or family history group. Many of these organizations publish their members’ ancestors in a book or online database, and this is one way to leave your mark on posterity!

I’ve heard of women interested in joining a group but after they see the long application form or the requirement to provide proofs, they lose hope and give up. With so many online websites offering information, advice and searchable databases, finding your ancestors is easier than ever. It is definitely worth any time or money invested. Nothing can match the sense of accomplishment and the connectedness you feel with those who have gone before.

Work in Progress – I need to find my papers for more detail, but these are some of the organizations that my lineage connects to:

Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) – James Abernathy (1741-1785) served in the Revolutionary War as a private in North Carolina. He m. Elizabeth Cox abt 1763. Ancestor #A000238. Linear bloodline accepted.

National Society Colonial Dames 17th Century– Susanna Adams, wife of Rev. Jacob Ware, for curing John West’s hand, Henrico Parish, Virginia (Vestry Book 1730-1773).

Order of First Families of Virginia– I think Rev. Jacob Ware

Society of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy – I think Rev. Jacob Ware

United Daughters of the Confederacy (U.D.C.) – Manlius Rollen Rockett (1843-1923) Alabama. Linear or Collateral bloodlines accepted.

World War II – Louis Rockett, Rita Hall, Hugh Rockett

Some organizations don’t rely on primary sources as proofs for lineage, and some lineages over time end up with question marks:

My Tillman line leads to several such groups – Magna Charta Dames, Plantagenet Society, Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America and Colonial Order of the Crown – I will have to look up the specific names.

Clan MacDuff – Abernathy is one of the surnames that link to this Scottish Clan. It’s fun to tell folks you’re related to MacDuff!

Organizations that don’t require much proof are still fun, good for socializing and networking about other organizations that you might qualify for!

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