3 Brothers Came Over On A Boat…

originally written by Barbara Rockett Boone, February 17, 2013. 

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original text and quality minimized:

3 Brothers


2 responses to “3 Brothers Came Over On A Boat…

  1. Kathy Rockett Sullivan

    I, too, am descended from Baldwin Rockett down through Richard Rockett. We part ways after Generation 6 above. I am very interested in researching more about the Virginia Rocketts and Wares. If you’d like to connect so we can email chat, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  2. Susan Fulbright

    I am also descended from Baldwin Rockett, but we part ways at generation 2, Richard Rockett who married Mary Abernathy. My line continues through her. I am intrigued with Richard and Mary because they were quite old for the times when they married. From the dates they were in their early 40’s. Do you have any info about possible prior marriages?

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