3 Brothers Came Over On A Boat…

Don’t they always? And, why is it always 3? Never 2, 4 or 5! Anyway

With so many Baldwin Rockett partial lineages popping up all over the web, and with most of them repeating the same information, I’m not going to repeat every detail here. I’ve checked immigrant passenger lists but nothing turned up for Baldwin. However, 2 of his 5 sons John and Francis still had strong ties to London.

Here is my direct line back to the brother who came over, somehow:

1) Baldwin Rockett b. before 04/10/1681 Exeter, Devonshire, England d. before 03/1731 Henrico Co., VA USA m. about 1713 VA USA to Anne Ware

2) Richard Rockett b. ca. 1721 Henrico Co., VA d. ca. 02/10/1785 Abbeville Co., 96 Dist., SC m. after 06/27/1763 Granville Co., NC to Mary Abernathy, dau of Robert Abernathy

3) Richard Rockett Sr. b. ca. 1765 VA? d. 09/02/1843 m.1) Eleanor Abernathy after 09/15/1789 NC (my line) and m.2) Martha Rose Sadler before 1804 NC

4) Richard Rockett Jr. b. 06/11/1794 Raleigh, NC d. 05/26/1882 Jefferson Co., AL m.1) Mary Abernathy 01/11/1821 Jefferson Co., AL and m.2) Martha Giffin McClure 02/22/1825 AL (my line)

5) Rufus Carson Rockett b. 11/25/1825 Jefferson Co., AL d. 01/13/1898 Jefferson Co., AL m. Eliza M. Downey 09/21/1847 Jefferson Co., AL

6) Richard James Rockett b. 01/12/1852 d. 02/21/1919 Bessemer, Jefferson Co., AL m. Mary Missouri Morris 10/24/1872 AL

7) Newbern Webster Rockett b. 07/04/1878 Shades Creek, Jefferson Co., AL d. 09/07/1954 Jackson, Hinds Co., MS m. Emma Louise Cooper 12/10/1902 AL

8) Louis Newbern Rockett b. 09/21/1912 Hattiesburg, Forrest Co., MS d. 12/25/1984 m. Rita (Xylda Marie) Hall 06/15/1940 Jackson, Hinds Co., MS

9) (Rita) Kay Rockett, my mother, m. and div. Robert Myers Laird (both living – information withheld)

10) Barbara Kay Rockett, myself, m. Andrew Lee Boone (both living – information withheld)

11) Holly Kay Rockett Boone, my daughter (living – information withheld)

2 responses to “3 Brothers Came Over On A Boat…

  1. Kathy Rockett Sullivan

    I, too, am descended from Baldwin Rockett down through Richard Rockett. We part ways after Generation 6 above. I am very interested in researching more about the Virginia Rocketts and Wares. If you’d like to connect so we can email chat, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  2. Susan Fulbright

    I am also descended from Baldwin Rockett, but we part ways at generation 2, Richard Rockett who married Mary Abernathy. My line continues through her. I am intrigued with Richard and Mary because they were quite old for the times when they married. From the dates they were in their early 40’s. Do you have any info about possible prior marriages?

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